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In today’s world where the whole of the family (Father, Mother, Husband, Wife, Daughter, Son) is always out there working hard to earn a decent life, travelling places for those important meetings, stationed out of home town for the job, coming back late at night from office, in college, out with your friends having a bash, late night outs, always out, out, out but what about the ones you are doing all this for? What they go through when you are not around, worrying where you are? are you safe? Can’t afford to make a call, Can’t answer the phone!!

Yes, we got the solution to keep you in touch with your loved ones and those who matter. An easy to install and use App "Connect360"

Connect360 lets you be in touch with your loved ones without disturbing them and invading their privacy.

This MOBILE APP CONNECTS you to your loved ones and gives you the power to see their location, in REAL TIME, through GPS, from the convenience of your mobile at any time and any place.

Not only this, the APP comes with added features to keep you and your loved ones safe at all times, whether in home town or out, through GEO FENCING and TRAVEL SAFE, that are built keeping in mind the scenario, now a days.

All the more your peace of mind comes at no price at all (at present) and surely your family is worth it.

And it does not end here, we give you the facilty of saving 4 contacts that you are sure will reach out to you in case of any emergency and God Forbid, in case of any, all that you need to do is press the power button of your mobile 3 times, in quick successions, to send a SMS Alert, to your saved emergency numbers, that gives your LAST LOCATION that can be used by them to reach to you as quickly as possible.


How to use? Connect360:

Getting Started

  • Download the app from Google Play for Android Users or App Store for IPhone users.
  • Register with your phone number, as user Id, as administrator
  • Accept the TERMS OF SERVICE in case you are interested in using the APP.
  • Fill in all the required mandatory fields.
  • Submit
  • You will be prompted to verify your phone number, on which you wish to download the app, through an OTP pin.
  • Enter the OTP pin, received, to activate your app.

Creating Groups

  • Now you as an administrator must Create a Group and give it any name you want e.g. Family/Friends etc.
  • Invite up to 4 of your family / other contacts via entering their mobile numbers and sending SMS by clicking on send SMS
  • Please note that the saved phone numbers in yours CONTACTS SHOULD NOT HAVE ANY HYPEN (-) in it as the app does not recognises the (-) and treats it as a number and you will not get a SMS nor any of those to whom you are sending the invite.
  • A SMS will be sent to all the mobile numbers with a unique OTP.
  • On receiving the SMS all the invitees must download the app.
  • After downloading the invitees must accept the invitation and register themselves as explained above.
  • Now you all are ready to track each member in the group (by default).
  • In case you are not interested in being tracked you can go SETTINGS and switch OFF the default setting of Location Sharing, that is ON.

Features of the App

  • Real time tracking of the group member through GPS.
  • Geo fencing of the group member.
  • Nearby Places:
    You can get to know important location nearby like Police Station, Hospitals etc.
  • Travel Alert:
    Every member of the group can use Travel Alert to announce his/her travel mode (Auto/Taxi Etc.) to its EMERGENCY CONTACTS by entering details of the mode (Registration Number) and sending it to all through a SMS.

You can also GEOFENCE your route to ensure that you are being taken on the desired route, by your mode of transport. You will be alerted of the diversion, in route, the moment there is a diversion or you are going off track.

  • Location Alert:
    App refreshes, automatically, after regular intervals to give you the latest location of the Group member.
  • Nearby Places:
    Always be aware of your surroundings wherever you go or wherever you are as you will be shown, in NEARBY PLACES, all the nearby Police Station/Hospitals/Shopping Malls/Banks/ATM’s Etc.
  • Emergency Contacts:
    You can allocate 4 mobile number, maximum, as your emergency contacts to whom you wish to connect to or inform to in case of any unfortunate incident.
  • Distress Alarm:
    In case of any unfortunate incident all you need to do is press the power button of your mobile 3 times in quick succession to send a SMS alert to all the saved emergency contacts stating you last GEO location.
  • I AM SAFE:
    In the event of a natural calamity you can announce your location and send I’m Safe notification via your social media app to all your near and dear.

What is Geofencing and how to GEO Fencing a group member:

  1. You can GEO Fence (designate/fix/restrict) the route for any member, that he/she is taking on regular basis, by marking specific locations by name or tag.
  2. Once you and GEO fenced the route, the member, on taking the route, will be automatically tracked at every specified location and as soon he/she crosses it an SMS alert will be sent to you/all stating that he/she has crossed the specified location.
  3. The moment the member deviates from the designated or fenced route an alert SMS will be sent to you stating the deviation.

APPLords Infotech believe in thinking ahead and out of the box.

At a time when the world has become a small village and the power to do everything is shrinking down to the palm of our hands then why do we still CONNECT to all those who matter in a primitive way?

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