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to your loved ones

Never walk alone, Connect360 will always keep you close to your family
& friends. You just need to click once to notify the danger.

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Welcome to APPLords Infotech

We are a professionally managed organisation that believes in thinking ahead and out of the box.

Connect360 - Family App

CONNECT360 lets you be in touch with your loved ones without disturbing them and without invading their privacy. All the more your peace of mind comes at a very small price and surely your family is worth it.

Connect360 Pro - Professional App

CONNECT 360 (pro) brings you the solution to track and monitor, from your desk top, the day to day activity of not only your Vehicle Vendors but also your Sales Team, Co-workers.

Our Features

Key features of Connect 360 Mobile App.

Real Time Tracking

Track Real Time location of your loved one's or group members through GPS.

Professional Reports

Being appreciated for increase in efficiency and cost optimisation.

Geo Fencing

GEO fenced the route, the member, on taking the route will be automatically tracked.

Distress Alarm

In unfortunate incident all you need to do is press the power button of your mobile.

Travel Alert

Every member of the group can use Travel Alert to announce his/her travel mode (Auto/Taxi Etc.).

I am Safe

you can announce your location and send I'm Safe notification via your app.

Connect 360

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Create a free account in seconds with your mobile number.

Add Your Loved One's

Connect with your loved one's via send requests/receive invitations.

Track Device

Start Real Time Tracking of the group member through GPS.

  • Real Time Tracking
  • Travel Alert.
  • Location Alert.
  • Emergency Contacts.
  • Distress Alarm.

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People Says

APPLords Infotech believe in thinking ahead and out of the box.

At a time when the world has become a small village and the power to do everything is shrinking down to the palm of our hands then why do we still CONNECT to all those who matter in a primitive way?

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